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Hi Alan,  I used an SG-Labs version 2.2 for my first 400 or so EME QSOs on
> 1296.  It is driven by an FT-817 set to 1 W out and it drives a W6PQL
> 23CM2W500 to 300+ W out to a 3 m. dish.  I set it to the 1150 IF option so
> I could use 144-148 to get 1294-1298 to work both the EME / weak signal
> band at 1296 and FM local on 1294.5.  I measured it about 2 KHz low but it
> was very stable there, within a few 10s of Hz.
> About a year ago I upgraded to a version 2.3 that has a 10 MHz reference
> input. It is otherwise just the same and I've made 200 more EME QSOs.  I
> don't have the external 10 MHz hooked up yet but the internal oscillator on
> this one is only about 200 Hz off so I haven't fooled with it either.
> Overall I've been very happy with SG-Labs and am thinking of getting a 13
> cm unit next.  Every time I have a problem in the station and open it up,
> it's not the SG-Labs that's the problem!
> 73 and good luck, Courtney N5BF DM04vf
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>> Hi Alan,
>> René & I used the 23cm transverter during our VE2TWO Zone 2 EMEexpedition
>> this past summer and it worked very well. In combination with a WA2ODO LNA
>> and a PE1RKI 250watt SSPA, we were able to work 61 stations with our 187cm
>> dish. It's is very stable on its own, but, to be safe, we still used a
>> GPSDO with it. I have been using the same transverter at home on the tropo
>> system for over 3 years without issue except when I forgot to turn down my
>> drive power from 100watts to 5watts. Even then, they are quite simple to
>> repair if you can handle some SMT removal and replacement.
>> Hope to see you off the moon in near future. I'm only QRV EME during the
>> winter months.
>> 73 de Peter
>> VA3ELE FN03dm
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>> Hi Everybody,
>> I?m wondering what sort of experience people have had with the SG Labs
>> 23cm Transverter for EME use?
>> I?m looking at equipment options for a move to 23cm and above, and these
>> appear to offer good ?bang for my buck?, and the latest models are lockable
>> with a GPSDO. If others have had good experiences with it, then I?ll
>> probably purchase the 25w PA at the same time, and then look at options for
>> a larger PA down the track.
>> 73
>> Alan VK3DXE
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