[Moon-Net] 10 GHz QSO partner wanted

Roger Rehr W3SZ w3sz at comcast.net
Tue Sep 10 04:13:11 CEST 2019

HI all,

It has been several years since I was last on 10 GHz EME.  I now have a 
new 10 GHz EME location in an adjacent grid (FN10) and would like to 
arrange a sked with a reasonably large station in order to see whether 
all is working here.  I would like to discover and mitigate any problems 
at this end before the upcoming contest weekend Sept 21.

My current dish at 1M (offset) is substantially smaller than my old 2.4 
M (prime focus) dish. I now have 300 W in the shack (180 W at the feed) 
which is roughly 10 dB more power than I had before. Receive hardware is 
the same as before but of course receive capability suffers with the 
smaller dish.

Both my sun noise and moon noise are reasonably close to VK3UM 
predictions for my setup, at 6.0 dB and 0.2 dB respectively.

I can be on any time this week or next, after 0000 UTC Wednesday Sept 
11.  I currently have a 15 degree horizon at moonrise as the moon 
happens to be rising (with our current declination) behind a clump of 

If you would like to help me with a sked please email me off-list in 
order to arrange the details.

I do have access to internet and HB9Q logger at the remote site, via 
cellphone hotspot.

I can do either CW or digital.

Thanks and 73,
Roger Rehr

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