[Moon-Net] SG Labs 23cm Transverter for EME

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Tue Sep 10 03:45:23 CEST 2019

George, check with HB9Q for a sked. Daniel is a great guy with access to one of the most sensitive stations I have ever heard of. I made my first contact ever with him using a TS-2000X, a 30 year old 2 tube amp at about 80 watts, a 34 dB preamp and yep, a 45 element looper, Directive Systems kit version. 25 watts may be toward the bottom of his stations abilities but hey, give it a try. People told me it was doubtful I could do it with my portable setup, especially with the tube amp but it worked. Heck, it surprised the amps designer and original builder when I told him it worked for my first ever EME contact.Have fun. Watch your relay timing if you are using one with a preamp. (You will likely need a preamp to hear well) I can recommend the VHF Design 34 dB 1296 preamp for an inexpensive preamp that worked for me.  There are several great amp and preamp builders out there.  I wanted to start very inexpensivly in case I didn't stick with it.  So far the stars (and moon) haven't always aligned favoribly timing wise to keep at it but I'll be making more contacts eventually.SeanKB8JNESent from my dumb smartphone,Spell checked by NSA.
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