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Hi Alan,

René & I used the 23cm transverter during our VE2TWO Zone 2 EMEexpedition
this past summer and it worked very well. In combination with a WA2ODO LNA
and a PE1RKI 250watt SSPA, we were able to work 61 stations with our 187cm
dish. It's is very stable on its own, but, to be safe, we still used a
GPSDO with it. I have been using the same transverter at home on the tropo
system for over 3 years without issue except when I forgot to turn down my
drive power from 100watts to 5watts. Even then, they are quite simple to
repair if you can handle some SMT removal and replacement.
Hope to see you off the moon in near future. I'm only QRV EME during the
winter months.

73 de Peter

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Hi Everybody,

I?m wondering what sort of experience people have had with the SG Labs 23cm
Transverter for EME use?

I?m looking at equipment options for a move to 23cm and above, and these
appear to offer good ?bang for my buck?, and the latest models are lockable
with a GPSDO. If others have had good experiences with it, then I?ll
probably purchase the 25w PA at the same time, and then look at options for
a larger PA down the track.



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