[Moon-Net] Which digital mode will be most popular in the Oct/Nov EME contest?

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Allan - Thanks for pointing out my slipup!  Shows how long it's been since I put the 70cm feed on the dish... (over a year I think).

Just for the record, JT65A is normally used on 6m, JT65B is normally used on 2m and 70cm and JT65C is normally used on 23cm.

JT65C is also often used on 13cm.

Bob, KA1GT

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Just a small correction Bob....70cm uses JT65B.


Allan - VK4EME

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You will make more QSOs using digital than CW, especially with a small station.  There's more activity and you can work much weaker signals. The default protocol for all three bands is JT65, using submode "C" for 432 and 1296, "B" for 144. During the contest it's very unlikely that anyone will use any other modes (unless by accident!). Most (if not all) 144 and 432 signals will be linearly polarized, most  1296 signals (and all the strong ones) will be circular polarization.

Bob, KA1GT
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Subject: [Moon-Net] Which digital mode will be most popular in the Oct/Nov EME contest?


I haven't participated in an ARRL EME contest, but I am considering
trying the ARRL EME contests on Oct 19 and Nov 16 with a rather
modest home station. I think I would make the most QSOs using
a digital mode, but which digital mode will be the most popular during
the contest on 144, 432, and 1296?  Would the digital mode be more
popular than CW?

Douglas KA2UPW/5 -- EM12sw
"You haven't worked me yet on EME!"

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