[Moon-Net] RFHamdesign 3 mtr dish feed

Keith keith at vk6eme.com
Sat Sep 7 10:49:01 CEST 2019

Ive just ordered a RF Hamdesign 3 mtr mesh dish with the fine 2.8mm mesh.
This will be fitted to a Big RAS/HR rotator.
Im mainly going to use it on 1296 and 5760 but would appreciate suggestions for a suitable feed should I decide to give it a go on 10ghz as well. 
I may add feeds for 2398 and 3400 at a later date depending on how things go.
The dish is f/D 0.45 according to the supplied docs.
Thanks for helping in advance 👍🏻📡📡👍🏻

Sent with my morse key ...-.- 

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