[Moon-Net] FS: Larcan 2m kW SSPA

Gedas w8bya at mchsi.com
Thu Sep 5 20:45:55 CEST 2019

FS is a very clean and 100% working 2m Larcan SSPA.

It is rated for 24/7 key-down kW operation & runs on 50 VDC. Drive power 
is around 10W...._Note the #1 killer of these amps is over driving them 
so I suggest starting out at 2-3W input with the amp into a 
known/trusted meter and load and only then very slowly increase P(in) 
until a kW is achieved._

This amp was modified & tested before it was mailed by the master 
himself, Warren (VO1KS) and runs perfectly. However I have yet to fire 
it up here at my QTH. Warren let's them run all night long at full 
output power to ensure everything is perfect before it leaves his 
skilled hands. It is being sold as-is only because some people 
mistakenly over drive the SSPA and blow the finals. One nice thing about 
the Larkin over the Harris SSPA's is the finals are common and still 
available should you ever need one ! You need to add ample fans, T/R 
relay and connectors of your choice......$700 + shipping. SSPA will be 
double boxed (I do not skimp on packing).


Gedas, W8BYA

Gallery at http://w8bya.com
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