[Moon-Net] KB7Q pondering another EME outing

PA2V peter at pa2v.com
Wed Sep 4 15:59:06 CEST 2019

As seen the last weekend on 70cm Gene, all new activities awake the
community and respond on you.

So I am sure your plans will do the same again. Personally I will surely be
there when you are on.

The way you do should encourage others to start with EME on 432 MHz. You
showed how one can do it the KISS way.

Great job. Good luck.

Peter PA2V


Joyce and I have found some interesting places to explore in South Dakota
(DN82gp) and Nebraska (DN83gh) and are pondering a mid-October trip before
we put the camper up for the winter. 

About a full day of driving would put us there. 


I can do BOTH 2m and 70cm EME if there is enough interest. It appears I've
found great locations with superb MR horizons.


I'm think of operating before the ARRL EME contest from one of these
locations, and doing the contest from the other. Of course this is all
weather dependent.


I'm trying to guage interest so let me know what you think/need.



Gene, KB7Q



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