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Many thanks for your work getting the beacon back on the air. I hope the modifications hold up.

Today (Dgrd -0.7) copying you with my 3.15m dish at 529 on the CW and -8 on WSJT-X (in JT65C mode), so excellent signal.

Good to hear ON0EME again!

Bob, KA1GT
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Today the PA got re-installed again at the 1296 moon beacon.

We got several suggestions on the mods, following modifications have been done to the W6PQL PA .

The output board has been glued to the copper spreader using Silver Epoxy ( CW2400 )
Soldering the components back to a new board has been done using Pb , Sn , Ag solder ( 2% silver )
A new MRF13750H has been soldered to the heat spreader
4 output capacitors in parallel are on the output mounted vertically
VDD is now at 40 VDC output power is around 400 watt.

We cross our fingers and hopefully these modifications will hold.
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