[Moon-Net] ARRL EME 432Mhz CW activity report (2nd leg)

Rafal Grygorowicz SP9VFD sp9vfd at protonmail.com
Mon Nov 18 15:09:03 CET 2019

Hello All,

From saturday evening to sunday morning I was active in the 2nd leg ARRL EME Contest. I worked CW only in 432Mhz random style without internet assist. Im beginner in 432Mhz and still discovering that difficult band with my new homebrew EME array consist 8 x 23 (8wl) yagi set.

According to plans I recently worked in my shack on bigger amplifier project with GS35B cavity. Two days before 2nd leg ARRL EME Contest I was ready take attempt to get more power on 432Mhz. With 50w drive directly from TS-2000X was able to achieve 1100w stable output without thermal detuning problems. Unfortunately after one day heavy duty test input circuit of GS35B tube blew smoke and flame. The reason was simply... high voltage RX type capacitors in input circuits tube cavity isnt suitable even for 50w driving power. I was disappointed because hoped to have more power in nearest contest. Regardless to not finishing bigger amplifier I was active in the 2 leg ARRL EME contest with homemade 400W ldmos pa (about 300W at 8 port splitter near antennas).

Regardless to my low power I did to manage few QSO and get also new stations in log. During 2nd leg ARRL EME contest I worked with:  DK5OZ, OZ4MM, OK1CA, G3LTF, I2FHW, PI9CAM, DL9KR, SP6JLW.  All QSO CW only in random style. I'd like thanks to all operator for QSO's.

I plann to be active at weekend 14/15 dec with 432Mhz ATP. Now Im returning to work on GS35B cavity and input circuit. Must be ready to go at next activity.

73 de Raf SP9VFD

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