[Moon-Net] W7D EME Ops from Western US Grids

David Swanson dave at druidnetworks.com
Tue May 14 14:36:58 CEST 2019

Hello Moon Netters,

Wyatt, AC0RA, and myself will be doing a rove to some rare western US grids
June 7-15th. The primary goal of the rove will be to activate rare grids on
6m, but we've decided to throw in some 2m EME gear as well since the moon
will be in a pretty good place.

Full details can be found here:
http://druidnetworks.com/W7D_Chasers_Guide.pdf but the short version for
folks on this list is we'll operate a fixed az/el station from a few
particular locations, using a single 12 element LFA, running at 1KW. If
you've worked AC0RA off the moon the past few months on 2m, this is the
setup he was running. We'll be in extremely remote terrain, so the hope is
we should be able to hear really good and hopefully make a few bonus
contacts off the moon while we focus on filling in folks' FFMA squares.

If there's any questions the pdf didn't answer, feel free to shout. If not,
hope to hear you from the moon!

73, Dave, KG5CCI
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