[Moon-Net] EME Activity From 4U1U?

Bernd DF2ZC df2zc1 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 27 14:02:25 CET 2019

Hello All,

when looking through the DXCC list I saw that also the UN HQ counts as
a separate DXCC. I do not know if there is any ham station at all such
as with 4U1ITU. But even if not...wouldn't it be worthwile to at least
check for possibilities of activating 4U1UN? There are so many
experienced EME hams in NY and neighbouring states, so travel should
not be the issue?

Maybe I'm a bit naive and there are big hurdles becoming QRV from
there...but I thought I'd raise that question though.

73 Bernd DF2ZC

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