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“Warning VHF and above in danger” 

Publié le 6 juin 2019 | Posted on June 6, 2019 | Par F1PSH
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WRC-19 is preparing, and new requests are to be considered for inclusion in
the agenda of WRC-23. C'est la commission CPG-PTDA qui s'occupe de l'aganda
de la future conférence mondiale. It is the CPG-PTDA commission which deals
with the aganda of the future world conference. Plusieurs demandes sont
envisagées : Several requests are envisaged: 

*	Demand for 144 MHZ at 15 GHz and we are concerned with 144-148 and
220-225 for aeronautical uses. 
*	Demande de 1260 à 1300 MHz pour Galileo Request for 1260 to 1300 MHz
for Galileo 

Sorry about the Google translate but I am not at home to translate it

The pretty insane proposal by the French radio regulator to CEPT is also
mentioned here(in French).



Whilst we are a long way from WARC 23 if this proposal progresses any
further all radio amateurs globally should prepare to lobby their radio
administrations to ensure these proposals do not gain any greater traction.
National societies across IARU R1 are being briefed but it is a good idea to
spread the word further that there is a global threat to the 144, 220 &
1296MHz bands.



John G4SWX 

who does a bit of EME as well as being RSGB VHF manager!


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