[Moon-Net] 2m EME from Cuba next week?

Lucio i3ldp.lucio at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 22:21:59 CET 2019

Dear friends EMErs,
everything is ready and tested for T46MB DXpedition, but unfortunately 
my illness has not yet ended and the Verona DXteam does not want to go 
without me.

Fortunately, the airline tickets are safely on standby.

In agreement with the Cuban OMs of Santa Clara Radio Club, with the 
National President of the FRC (Federacion Radioaficionados Cuba) and 
with the Cuban Ministry of Telecommunications, the DXpedition is 
postponed for a few months (probably in July or August), depending on 
the Moon conditions. The call T46MB has been confirmed for the only 
DXpedition authorized for experiments via EME in Cuba, using digital 
systems, frequencies and powers have been confirmed too.
We will choose a period where the degradation of the Moon will be 
optimal to allow many stations to have QSO with Cuba, even with minimal 
equipment, on all frequencies scheduled. (July August)
Optimal even for Sporadic-E on 50Mhz.

Excuse me again, but with health you can not joke.

Thank you all. For the New One of Cuba from 6m to 3cm, there is only to 
be patient and we will satisfy you all, this is the last postponement.--

*73' de Lucio I3LDP*
Il 07/01/2019 18:10, Lance Collister, W7GJ ha scritto:
> Has anybody heard anything regarding the status of the T46MB DXpedition?  I had
> marked my calendar that is was scheduled to start next week, but I have not seen any
> recent news about it. It would be a new DXCC for me on 2m ;-)
> MNI TNX and VY 73, Lance

*73' de Lucio I3LDP*
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