[Moon-Net] TI2AEB SK.

Juan Clemente lu8enu at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 10:03:43 CET 2019

A few days ago I remembered that for some time I had not heard from TI2AEB
Armando, he sent me an e-mail every once in a while commenting on the
improvements in his EME station at 1296 mHz. mainly improving his antenna
on the roof, despite the recommendation of his doctor due to his high age,
but he enjoyed doing it.
He was no longer active in EME 432mHz when I started in this band. But we
do many QSOs at 1296 mHz testing the improvements of our stations.

Searching the web I find this sad news:


Lamentamos profundamente el fallecimiento del compañero, amigo y
radioaficionado Armando Bonilla TI2AEB.
Nuestro abrazo a su familia, y el sentimiento de solidaridad
Atte:  TIOARC  Staff.

I am very sorry for your departure from this world.

Rest in peace Armando.

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