[Moon-Net] Activate 2mEME from KH0

Keizo Sanae jh3azc at gaia.eonet.ne.jp
Tue Feb 26 16:18:46 CET 2019

Hello All,

I will go to KH0(QK25ue) from May 4th to 10th with both Taka (JP3EXR and
JA1PFP) to activate 2m EME and Taki (JH3QFL) to operate SAT/low
band(especially 160m).

This period is not the best for EME condition but the best for taking a
photo of Southern Cross which is my another mission.

Though, we will do the best for EME operation from KH0 as usual.

We'll be able to operate from 0:00~1:00z on May 5th to 6:00~7:00z on May

Call will be KH0/W2AZ.

I will take the same system as 9N7AP / T8EM.

We are looking forward to seeing you from Saipan.

GL and best 73.

    Kay  JH3AZC


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