[Moon-Net] Murmur new release ( 7.0.0 )

Mario A. Natali mario.i0naa at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 16:20:58 CEST 2018

Hello dear friends ,

This is to let you know that I just uploaded on my web site (http://i0naa.altervista.org ) a new version of Murmur ( 7.0.0 )  together with the updated  manual..  

This new release of the program got some bugs correction and should fix  once forever ( ... I hope !  )  an error  of 1 hour  on UTC time that was surfacing in some  time zone  ( thanks Steve Onley and Nando Pellegrini I1NDP !) .

On top of the bug fixes Murmur have now , thanks to the cooperation of  Codrut YO3DMU , the possibility to work  together with the latest version of his program  "PstRotator" ( https://www.qsl.net/yo3dmu/index_Page346.htm ) and so is able to drive directly  all the  supported rotators !

I am looking forward to receiving your  feedbacks, suggestions, corrections and request for additional features !

Mario, I0NAA

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