[Moon-Net] 9A9B RESULTS in 4th A.R.I. Italian EME Trophy - 2018

Branimir Antolic - 9A9B branimirantolic at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 14:36:03 CEST 2018

Dear EME fans,


My 144 MHz CW total results as follows: YO2AMU, DK5LA, OK1DIX, OK1DIX,
YO2AMU, SP7DCS, RX1AS (this include both Spring and Autumn Sessions).


As usual, very low activity 144/CW, but not bad condition (this last
weekend, very often I was listening my own echo).


My RIG: 4 x 12JXX2, 2 x 4CX250B (0,9 - 1 KW), TS770-E, MGF1302, DSP,
Spectran, ...


Till next time, enjoy on the Moon!


Vy 73 de Branimir - 9A9B


PS: During this winter season, I will do my best, to return my Home Page
back and you will see in details all my EME equipment.



Branimir Antolic - 9A9B
Mobile:  +385 97 6022798
e-mail:    <mailto:branimir.antolic at gmail.com> branimir.antolic at gmail.com
WEB:    - 

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