[Moon-Net] FR5DN 23cms update

Philippe Mondon phil.m974 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 18:48:55 CEST 2018

Hello All,

Finally, after 40 years in my head (a dream), i have a dish going on
23cms... Better late than never!...

Some years ago, i was given a 3.6m TVRO dish, and it was dismantled in my
garage. I had no time to seriously work on it...

Now it is up, after much brainstorming/work on the security side (the main
issue) as with cyclones and high winds alert, i needed to find a "fast"
solution to put down the dish and get it enterely in the garage, without
extra hands... This is possible now... with exotic but working solution.

F/D is about 0.36/0.37 with OK1DFC septum (no choke ring). Autotracking
tests with Orbitron and the big Spid RAS/HR seem to perform as expected.

ON0EME was about -10db on last weekend (29/30 september). Sun noise at
SFI=69 gives now about 10.6db, i had 11.6 for 2 days, but never reached
that again so far (mystery...).

LNA is G4DDK, and RX chain does not include RX isolation relay so far.
Transverter is LT-230s 28Mhz IF.

Several stations decoded on JT (audio copy) as well as cw (UA9FA - KA1GT -
W2HRO - OK1IL - SM6CKU - 4X1AJ seen but not decoded).

I did not test the setup on TX yet, too low pwr with just the transverter.

I'd like to know the best source for connectors (sma, sma to N , male
female etc). I just bought some connectors from chineese market, but maybe
not the best? Also for small sma isolation relay. And also for power. Guess
some 300-400w capable pa would be fine to run securely at 150-200w at feed.
About measurements of all kinds, i only have a 300w power meter for
1300Mhz. Nothing else... So, best option would be to get a ready to go
PA...rugged, with all security features...

23cms is a new world for me, and so far i really enjoyed the circular pol!
Something totally different from 2m and 70cms!

Waiting to qso you from new setup in FR land. Cyclone season is
approaching, and i hope it will be very quiet so i can enjoy the setup a
bit 😉

Vy73 from happy FR5DN!
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