[Moon-Net] EA6/HB9COG MW summary

Daniel Gautschi, HB9CRQ dan at hb9q.ch
Fri Jun 1 13:52:33 CEST 2018

Hi all


Summary of our EA6/HB9COG MW activity in May 2018.



This was our second DXpedition with our "portable" station. 

We worked a total of 179 QSOs with 152 initials on 4 bands! On all bands we
were CQing for hours with no takers, so there is obviously a lot of
opportunity to work more stations! 



85 QSOs (10 CW, 75 JT65c)

73 initials

26 DXCC 

6 continents = WAC!

Smallest station worked: DF2VJ 2.6m mesh dish 140W at feed (-26/R-24)



32 QSOs (7 CW, 25 JT65c)

25 initials

17 DXCC 

4 continents

Smallest station worked: G4BAO 1.9m mesh dish 210W at feed (-18/R-28)



30 QSOs (10 CW, 3 JT4F, 2 JT65C, 15 QRA64D)

26 initials

17 DXCC 

3 continents

Smallest station worked: PA7JB 2.4m offset dish 30W (-18/R-12)



32 QSOs (4 CW, 28 QRA64D)

28 initials

17 DXCC 

4 continents

Smallest station worked: OK2AQ 1.2m solid offset dish 40W at feed (R-18/-17)


We used WSJT-X for all bands and the  Doppler-control modes CFOM (Constant
Frequency On Moon), Own Echo and Full Doppler to DX grid. It would make
everything easier and more efficient if all stations would use CFOM.
Hopefully more people start to take advantage of automated Doppler control
modes. Especially on 6 and 3cm it is a must for successful QRP operation. It
was nice to work a total of 31 CW QSOs on the 4 bands. However CW QSOs are
only possible with the big-guns. 

Looking at the smaller stations worked per band it is obvious that we could
have worked many more if they were QRV. This is very promising for the
future and we hope this generates more interest and activity during
DXpeditions. We are looking forward to work even more stations during our
next DXpeditions! Stay tuned!


Equipment: exactly same as at 3DA0MB without 9cm (not allocated to
amateurradio in EA)

1.5m dish 1x2mm mesh

homemade automatic azimuth and elevation control

23cm: 100W at feed, circular, preamp at horn

13cm: 90W at feed, circular, preamp at horn

6cm: 80W at feed, circular, preamp at horn

3cm: 50W at feed, v-pol, preamp at horn


QSL please direct with SAE 


P.O.Box 133

CH-5737 Menziken



Thanks a lot to all who have called and worked us and sorry to those we
could not work! 


Vy 73, Dan and Sam, the Q-Team



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