[Moon-Net] Moon-net Digest, Dubus weekend.

Dale Parfitt parinc1 at frontier.com
Mon Apr 23 22:24:30 CEST 2018

Sorry to have missed you Jan- with that station I am sure we could have
CW is fortunately far from dead. As another poster commented, it is so nice
to be able to exchange greetings in addition to the  RST and R R R. It also
helps that some stations are identifiable by their sending, note or
strength- making QSO's more efficient.
Worked 51 stations in 47 mults. W4SC was 2nd op and we had a great time-
staring at the panadapter and marveling at all the stations so far out of
the noise.
4.2M dish and 600W SS at the dish. VE4MA feed and W7CNK LNA.



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Fun DUBUS 23cm weekend with lots of activity,
QSO's made here from JO28XJ was:
Saturday April 21: OK1CA, G4LTF, OK2DL, OK1DFC, UA3PTW, and SP6JLW
Sunday April 23: OK1CA, ES5PC, G4CCH, PI9CAM, I1NDP, LZ2US, HB9Q and OK2DL

My setup:
2.3m mesh dish, Spid el/az rotator, MD-02 controler (0.2 deg res), Septum
feed, G4DDK LNA (0.24dB NF) and 250Watt PA. Rig: TS-2000X

73's Jan LA3EQ

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