[Moon-Net] F6ETI REF-Dubus EME 1296 MHz contest

F6ETI f6eti at wanadoo.fr
Mon Apr 23 12:14:04 CEST 2018


Participation in the 2018 edition of the REF-Dubus 1296 MHz EME contest.
33 QSOs and 30 multis, in Morse code, auditory and manual, unformatted 
human and friendly mode where we take the time to say or hear ourselves 
say hello Peter, Howard, Al, Philippe, happy to meet you, thank you, 
goodbye and see you soon ...

23 QSO during the first pass on Saturday, good activity.
10 QSO only Sunday which was much calmer in the afternoon, it was not 
until the US to wake up and the US stations are in pile-up from EU !
19 of the 33 QSOs were made in response to my calls.
The garden was not free, the station was installed at F6KLO, with the 
disadvantage of not seeing correctly the moon only from 20 degrees of 
elevation to the rising, and only up to 40 degrees of elevation in the 
245 degrees at moon set.
Which does not allow to take advantage of the opportunities to Australia 
or New Zealand, or American stations once the pile-up calmed down ...
Seven new stations (IK1FJI, DL1YMK, G4RKG, LZ1DX, PA3DZL, W4OP, K5SO, 
bringing to 69 the number of initials since October 2015 with this EME 

Result worse than in 2017, from the garden (45 QSO and 37 multipliers).

Traffic conditions:
3m dish, SSPA 300 w DF9IC, VLNA23 G4DDK 0.26 dB NF, SG Labs 144/1296 MHz 
transcverter, IC-202 on TX, Transfox SDR & HDSDR on RX. EGIS positioner 
and F1EHN tracking.
Note that the SSPA is terribly robust and holds without failing hours of 
calls 30 sec TX / 10 sec RX periods.

Hoping to be available for the ARI Trophy EME on May 19th and 20th.
73 de F6ETI, Philippe(sorry for the Google translation...)
f6eti at wanadoo.fr

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