[Moon-Net] [Moon] Dubus CW contest results

g4bao john at g4bao.com
Mon Apr 23 11:18:10 CEST 2018

Only came on for a couple of hours on Sunday as 23cm is HARD for me, as
you'd expect with my small system (250W to 1.9m dish).

I saw LOADS of activity on the waterfall but most was below my threshold of
hearing for CW. I'm pleased to say that what I DID work was all "old
school" search and pounce, no internet or skeds.

Worked a handful of regular big guns including one new initial. K5SO.
Thanks to Joe for sticking with me as I called him a number of times before
he got my call!

Missed out on KL6M again, didn't hear him calling during the time I was on.



On 23 April 2018 at 08:57, Peter Blair via Moon <moon at moonbounce.info>

> Wow!...Serious activity levels right through the contest with quite a few
> new stations appearing and higher activity from the USA than for quite a
> while. I worked 77, havent sorted out the initials yet but I heard the
> following smaller stations but couldnt get their attention and would be
> pleased to sked with them this week ( preferably early)
> Also if anyone called and missed a QSO let me know and we can sked.
> Thanks to all for the excellent CW QSOs, it was a fun weekend of radio.
> 73 Peter G3LTF
> 6m dish, 400W
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