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Hansen Peter peter.hansen at dk.saabgroup.com
Mon Sep 11 13:46:07 CEST 2017

Hi there I was extensively working the contest with very little sleep still feeling like I have a hangover. 
VERY little activity. Having so many bands active, is NOT a good idea. Neither a good idea to place the contest with low declination and EU winow during night. Main EME activity center is EU, and many simply skipped the test. Remember many of the operators are not 20 anymore. 
I worked 22 qsos on 3cm and 12 on 6cm. 
During a "normal" Dubus or ARRL contest I work around 30-35qso.
If the next weekend where have been choosen, much more activity would have been the result. 


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Hi Sergey

It was nice to work you during the contest period.

Activity was OK here, but we were restricted by our dish mount to about 6 hours operation in total, as we can only work at <35 deg elevation, and our MS window is rather limited by plant growth.

I think many stations were commenting that having so many bands on one weekend was not the best idea.



> Hi EME fans!Very low activiti in 3 cm ARRL contest.WDK 
> Still looking SSPA for 3cm or transistor TIM10-11,FLM10-11 or anoter 
> for SSPA 30-50 w.Any one get for sale? Pse answer ur5lx at ukr.net 
> 73!Sergey _______________________________________________
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