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Joe Taylor joe at princeton.edu
Sun Nov 19 21:36:33 CET 2017

Hi Bryn and all,

On 11/19/2017 3:13 AM, Bryn Howell-Pryce GW4ZHI via Moon-net wrote:
> On LZ2HV’s website the following message has been posted:

>     Тhe project was suspended on the recommendation of G4WJS Bill
>     Somerville.
>     		For an undetermined amount of time.
> Does anyone know why?

I can answer your question, though I would be much happier if it were 
not necessary.

"Why" has to do with the flagrant and unethical copying, use, and 
distribution by LZ2HV of computer source code from development branches 
of the WSJT project.

For reasons that make sense in a technical hobbyist field like
Amateur Radio, more than a decade ago I chose to develop the software 
for program WSJT wholly in the open.  The same motivation and philosophy 
has always applied to WSJT's sister programs MAP65, WSPR, and WSJT-X. 
Anyone with an interest in development of these programs can follow it 
in as much detail as desired, in real time.

Our finished programs are released under under the terms of Version 3 of 
the GNU General Public License (GPL).  Among other things, this license 
means that complete copies of source code are available for every 
released program version.  Foe example, you can download all source code 
for WSJT-X, Version 1.8.0, from links on these web pages:

Because we do our development work in the open, at any given time you 
can also find plenty of unreleased source code in our SourceForge 
repository.  All the code found there is copyrighted by its author(s), 
either explicitly or implicitly.  This code is *NOT* released under the 
GPL, or any other license; it is the intellectual property of its 
authors.  Like other copyrighted material, you are free to give it "fair 
use".  You may read it, study it, test it, etc.  BUT YOU MAY NOT 

LZ2HV has taken tens of thousands of code lines code from our open 
repository and built them into his derivative work called MSHV.  If 
restricted to the code for released program versions, my colleagues and 
I are very much in favor of such sharing, especially when it's 
bi-directional and done in a cooperative spirit.  We are NOT in favor of 
what amounts to the theft of intellectual property.  At best we are 
luke-warm toward sharing with others when it's all "take" and no "give".

As most people here know, I am a university scientist.  Copying someone 
else's experimental code and publishing the result (with or without 
attribution) is comparable to entering someone's laboratory when its 
door was left open, copying the lab notebooks found there, and 
publishing the results yourself before the authors have even finished 
their experiments.  This is what LZ2HV has done, at least four times 
now.  This behavior has clearly not been accidental: there have been 
multiple warnings, and up to now they have been very polite.

Much to our regret, this unethical behavior may force us to do our 
front-line development work in a less public place.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

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