[Moon-Net] FR/DL2NUD update

Daniel Gautschi, HB9CRQ dan at hb9q.ch
Tue Feb 7 16:52:13 CET 2017

Hi everyone


Hermann asked me to post this information for him:

He needs minimum 10dgr elevation at moonrise and moonset. QTH is LG78uv.
After arriving on the island he will start building the station. If all goes
well he might be QRV 1296 on 1. March just before his ms for 1 or 2h. He has
internet and will be QRV on the HB9Q loggers during activity.

2. March              1296.100 1st

3. March              1296.100 1st

4. March              2320.100 1st and 2304.100 1st on request

5. March              2320.100 1st and 2304.100 1st on request

6. March              3400.100 1st

7. March              (last day of activity) QRG will be decided when there 


Vy 73 Dan HB9Q on behalf of Hermann  DL2NUD







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