[Moon-Net] 3DA0MB 1296-10450 MHz activity information

Daniel Gautschi, HB9Q dan at hb9q.ch
Mon Aug 28 12:40:42 CEST 2017

Hi All


Last week we did test all bands, 23, 13, 9, 6 and 3cm on the moon. The
results are good as expected. Now we are working on some optimization and


We plan to be QRV as follows:

14. October MR to MS 1296

15. October MR to MS 23xx (we can TRX on all sub-bands, so no cross-band
needed, depending of course on the QRM situation)

16. October MR to MS 3400 (VK sub-band should be OK)

17. October MR to MS 5760

18. October MR to MS 10xxx (we can TRX on 368 and 450, no cross-band needed)

19./20./21. October we will be QRV on the bands where there is the most
need, this will be decided during the operation.


We can QSY between the bands in less than 30 minutes, so we hope to
accommodate all (most) requests during those 3 days. Of course it is the
best to try to work us during the band-days but in case you miss us you'll
have a good chance for a second shot!

We hope to have internet available to optimize our operation schedule.

On 1296, 23xx and 3400 we will use JT65c. If there is time and the signals
are strong enough we will do some CW. On 5760 and 10xxx we will use QRA64D
which has proven to perform better than JT4. If the signals are strong
enough we will try to do some CW. WSJT-X 1.8 rc2 should be available soon. I
strongly recommend to use it, including Doppler-Control. It has so many
advantages compared to WSJT 10. The Constant Frequency On Moon (CFOM)
Doppler tracking mode is absolutely great, it is so easy to use and all
stations can see/hear each other!


Because ZS was never activated on 6 and 3cm EME we will become QRV as

22. October a few hours before MS on 5760

23. October MR to MS 5760

24. October MR to MS 10xxx (we can TRX on 368 and 450, no cross-band needed)

We will be QRV as ZS6EME from Pretoria. Modes and procedure same as in


More information when available.


Vy 73, Dan for the Q-Team








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