[Moon-Net] RF FET selection for 432 MHZ SSPA

Ken Arck ken at arcomcontrollers.com
Wed Nov 30 18:46:38 CET 2016

My results on 6 & 2, using Jim's building blocks 
(The 2 meter one is used for  JT65B EME and goes 
for hours and hours of use this way)


At 09:34 AM 11/30/2016, Ed K9EK wrote:
>Look at "w6pql.com" or "rfham.com", (although 
>something may be wrong with the latter; my 
>anti-virus says it is compromised). These 432 
>pallet amplifiers (for 50, 144 1nd 432 MHz) use 
>the MRFE6VP5600H dual LDMOS transistor. On 432, 
>4W in gets 500W out. Run on 48VDC. Fairly easy 
>to build and very tough and reliable. I've built 
>all 3; 50 MHz gets 600W out with 1W in, 144 MHz 
>gets 500W out for 1W in (this is the easiest 
>version to build). Awesome stuff. I've written 
>several papers on them if you would like to see 
>them. There are also 1+KW versions. These were first shown in DUBUS 4/2012.
>Ed K9EK
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>Subject: [Moon-Net] RF FET selection for 432 MHZ SSPA
>Busy here building a SSPA for 432 Mhz
>Currently using a MRF 186 ..  with 8 watt RF in 
>I get about 90 Watt out .. using 26 Volt supply
>I could replace the MRF 186 with another RF FET 
>, my power supply can deliver up to 48 Volt with 
>25 Amp and the heat sink is big .
>I am not an “ advanced “ RF builder so I do 
>not know which FET to select .. there are new ones on the market every week ..
>But changing the FET could also mean changing 
>the design .. what kind of parameters are 
>critical if you replace one type FET with the other ??
>73’s Rick, PA1BVM
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