[Moon-Net] RF FET selection for 432 MHZ SSPA

Rick Muller rick.muller at asml.com
Wed Nov 30 17:58:29 CET 2016

Busy here building a SSPA for 432 Mhz
Currently using a MRF 186 ..  with 8 watt RF in I get about 90 Watt out .. using 26 Volt supply

I could replace the MRF 186 with another RF FET , my power supply can deliver up to 48 Volt with 25 Amp and the heat sink is big .
I am not an " advanced " RF builder so I do not know which FET to select .. there are new ones on the market every week ..
But changing the FET could also mean changing the design .. what kind of parameters are critical if you replace one type FET with the other ??

73's Rick, PA1BVM

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