[Moon-Net] using VK3UM EME calc for offset dishes

Simon Lewis zl4plm at outlook.com
Mon Nov 28 04:29:14 CET 2016

Hey all

I’m interested how to adjust VK3UM to get some accurate figures for offset dishes?

I’ve acquired a 2.4m Andrews offset which I am looking to dedicate to 10g (and maybe 6cm if it performs ok )

That leaves the 5m dish for 23.13 and 9 as dedicated

So far I simply adjusted the dish size to match the gain in the dish performance data so far

I can play around with the feed and F/D and these can vary results quite a lot

An offset at 2.4 should be about 3m for a full parabola?

I’m keen to see what sun/moon noise a 2.4 offset should see

How can I adjust the VK3UM settings to reflect (get it!) the true nature of the offset?



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