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Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
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At 08:41 PM 11/28/2016, Bob Atkins wrote:
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>Thinking about adding MAP65 and wondering about a few things:
>1 - The cheapest and easiest way to do (single polarization) this 
>for under $200?  It looks to me like this would be by using a 
>FunCube Pro+ dongle for around $170. As far as I can tell you can 
>couple this directly (USB) to a Windows PC running MAP65 without 
>needing Linrad or other intermediate software. Does this sound correct?

I think that is correct but check with Serge-VE1KG as I believe he is 
using the FuncubePro+ and can probably coach you thru setting it up; 
I do not have the Funcubepro+.  I just got one of the original 
RTL-SDR but not planning to use it on eme.

>2 - MAP65 is said to takes up more processor resources than WSJT. 
>Would a quad-core I5-2500 @ 3.3Ghz be fast enough to run a FunCube 
>Pro+ and MAP65 system? I have an older 2-core laptop that struggles 
>when running SDR software with a cheap SDR dongle, but that machine 
>is about 6x slower than the desktop I use for radio applications. 
>I'd rather not have to buy a new PC!

I am running MAP65 on a 2008 duo-core 2.3 GHz cpu under winXP32 SP3 
with no issues.  I just bought a new Dell Inspiron i5-6400 3.3 GHz 
desktop with 8GB, 1TB HD and 1GHz ethernet to replace using my 
Inspiron laptop for general purpose internet/e-mail/website 
maint.  Laptop goes back into computer briefcase for travel 
usage.  Got a good cyber-monday price and it arrives tomorrow by Fedex.

The XP computer will continue to do the ham radio control sw but will 
be off-line so will not need to worry about cyber attacks with the old OS.

>3 - Finally a real beginner question. How does MAP65 handle Tx? Does 
>(can) it control the transceiver Tx frequency via CAT?  Does the 
>operator dial in the Tx frequency on the transciever? It seems to me 
>that you'd be running separate Tx and Rx systems. How to you 
>coordinate frequencies? Or am I missing something here?

MAP65 keys the radio using a com port.  Probably you only have USB 
ports on a modern computer so will need USB/RS232 conversion cable so 
you can utilize either DTR or RTS line for keying Tx.  For eme that 
should be a sequencer that then controls all transfer from Rx to 
Tx.  You may need a computer interface box (I built my first one HB):

For controlling Tx frequency of the radio from MAP65 I use Trakbox sw 
by IK7EZN.  It works with several common radios.  Free sw and pretty 
easy to set up.  It uses a com port as well.

What radio will you use for Tx?

>I'm sure the answers to all these questions can be found on the web 
>and in the manuals, but due to a neurological problem, I have 
>trouble reading and technical manuals are the hardest things to 
>read! So please forgive "dumb" questions!

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