[Moon-Net] A few Map65 questions

Bob Atkins ka1gt at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 29 06:41:37 CET 2016

Thinking about adding MAP65 and wondering about a few things:

1 - The cheapest and easiest way to do (single polarization) this for under $200?  It looks to me like this would be by using a FunCube Pro+ dongle for around $170. As far as I can tell you can couple this directly (USB) to a Windows PC running MAP65 without needing Linrad or other intermediate software. Does this sound correct?

2 - MAP65 is said to takes up more processor resources than WSJT. Would a quad-core I5-2500 @ 3.3Ghz be fast enough to run a FunCube Pro+ and MAP65 system? I have an older 2-core laptop that struggles when running SDR software with a cheap SDR dongle, but that machine is about 6x slower than the desktop I use for radio applications. I'd rather not have to buy a new PC!

3 - Finally a real beginner question. How does MAP65 handle Tx? Does (can) it control the transceiver Tx frequency via CAT?  Does the operator dial in the Tx frequency on the transciever? It seems to me that you'd be running separate Tx and Rx systems. How to you coordinate frequencies? Or am I missing something here?

I'm sure the answers to all these questions can be found on the web and in the manuals, but due to a neurological problem, I have trouble reading and technical manuals are the hardest things to read! So please forgive "dumb" questions!



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