[Moon-Net] 23cm small dish feed idea

Alan Beard beardal at unixservice.com.au
Mon Nov 28 21:33:05 CET 2016

Hi all,
With my 2m prime focus dish, I'm not that keen on a septum waveguide feed,
sticking out from the feed point, some 60cm and pre-amps and cables etc. etc..

This "Penny Feed" idea brings the feed back into the dish centre, a dead area
usually blocked by the feed anyway. Short cables can then go through my dish
centre, reducing messy cables enormously. I can even replace the feed struts
with fiberglass rods.

My question is, can the waveguide here (below) be square (or round) as with
a septum circular polarised feed?
(slots on all sides)
(Can someone model this please?)

From: http://www.microwave-museum.org/exhibits/mwm0024.htm

73 Alan VK2ZIW

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