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Sylvain AZARIAN sylvain.azarian at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 17:10:54 CET 2016


I just have some experience with the HackRF as a transmitter (not in EME
context). I would definitively not recommend it if you want to transmit
clean signals. The DAC is not that nice and you will have lots of problems
to properly remove the carrier. We used in it my university lab for some
tests from a small UAV and we had to use a very wide sampling rate +
transmitting far away from the center to have something clean.

I would suggest you use for example a BladeRF from Nuand which is much nicer

2016-11-28 16:49 GMT+01:00 Cowles Andrus III K4EME <candrus at mgwnet.com>:

> Hi EME'ers,
> I ran across this item while looking for SDR related transceivers:
> *HackRF One 1MHZ - 6GHZ open-source software radio platform SDR
> development*
> Has anyone out there used this for an EME platform?
> Thank you & 73,
> Cowles K4EME
> Home page: http://cowlesradio.webs.com/
> 432 MHz ExtrEMEly Low Noise Preamp for sale: http://cowlesradio.webs.com/
> drrf.html
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