[Moon-Net] RX Polarisation system

f6bki at orange.fr f6bki at orange.fr
Mon Nov 28 11:54:05 CET 2016

Hello all,

I have dual polarisation antennas on 2m and 6m . I am using different
configurations that are including : two types of radio , the ANAN-100D and
the AFREDI dual SDR followed by Linrad master, several Linrad slaves at
different angles and WSJT and MAP65 as decoders .
This software approach is working extremely well but with some limitations,
here at least, like network issues , number of screens needed , complicated
sofware  configuration, set up stability issues ( mainly on VACs) etc....
All that to say that I also would like to try the “analog” approach to split
the signal coming from the H and V antennas to different phase angles ( H, V
, +45°,+135° ) .
I have a one page paper from DF7KF  :   http://www.df7kf.de/RX_PHASE.pdf
on such a receiving system where 1/4 lines and Hybrid splitters are used. I
am looking for more details to built one myself . Maybe other descriptions
exist ?
Thank you
Jacques F6BKI 

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