[Moon-Net] KA1GT activity report for Contest weekends

Bob Atkins ka1gt at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 27 07:15:07 CET 2016

432 JT65B only. Three out of the 4 days weather restricted operation to a few hours. Running ~450W at the feed to 2 x28el yagis.

Overall I made 26 contacts with 6 states and 12 countries, which would be a score of 46800 if I entered the contest.

3 QSOs on 10/22  (bad weather limited operation)

3 QSOs on  10/23 (bad weather limited operation)

14 QSOs on11/19 (good weather for once!)

6 QSOs on 11/20 (bad weather limited operation)

I was quite pleased given the relatively small antenna, weather problems and local noise issues.




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