[Moon-Net] ARRL EME logs

Roger Rehr W3SZ w3sz73 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 23:50:16 CET 2016

Hi All,

As was pointed out by Rick K1DS,  the ARRL EME Contest is NOT supported
as of November 2016 by a Contest Robot, and Cabrillo logs are NOT the
preferred log format for this contest. The User-Defined-Contest (UDC)
file on the N1MM Website does not allow N1MM to score the contest for you.

But with a little work it is possible to produce a Cabrillo-like log
format from the wsjt.log file generated by MAP65 if you have a working
Python installation and the N1MM+ Logger, and to get N1MM to score the
contest for you. There are only a few steps involved:

1.    Add US States to wsjt.log file
2.    Create ADIF file from modified wsjt.log file
3.    Create a new contest in N1MM+ using my UDC file
4.    Use N1MM+ to score contest and create Cabrillo header and generic
log files with proper formats
5.    Merge Cabrillo header and log body files

The log so generated meets the specifications put down by the ARRL for
this contest, and I know that it is acceptable because I used this last
year as well and my log was accepted with no complaints from the ARRL.

If anyone wants to create such a log I have instructions on how to do so
at this URL:

The instructions are far more complicated than the actual process :)

If you don't already have a Python installation on Windows and want to
play with Python on Windows, I can recommend Python(x,y).  Its download
URL is:

Its main URL is:  https://python-xy.github.io/

I didn't spend much time on this; doing the webpage took an order of
magnitude more time than the simple programming, which took only a few

If you try this and have problems or questions please contact me off
list so we don't bother those on the list who are not interested in this
type of stuff.

If you do this, make sure you have the most recent version of N1MM+.  My
UDC code worked last year.  Then one of the N1MM+ updates broke their
code for generic exports, and that just recently got fixed by the N1MM+
team after I noticed the new N1MM+ bug when trying to do this year's
ARRL EME Contest log using the UDC code I'd written last year.  So if
you use one of the N1MM+ versions that contained the broken code, you
won't get the desired format for the generic log file in step 4 above.


Roger W3SZ

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