[Moon-Net] E44CM Results and story

Chris, PA2CHR post at pa2chr.nl
Sat Nov 26 15:40:52 CET 2016

Hi All, 


We are safe and back home again after the very nice trip to Palestine. 

E44CM made 336 initial EME QSO's on 2 mtr. and 40 QSO's on 70cm.  It was
great fun for us to work so many stations. 


Yesterday evening we arrived at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands, but 3
of our suitcases where lost !  

They contain about 90%  of our radio-equipment so we hope they will be found
soon.. airline companies are looking what has happened. 


The QTH in Jericho was great, a good and safe place  for the antenna was
found on the roof; it was easy to put our tripod, fixed with 6 concrete

Some QRM, about 6 dB unfortunately particular during moonrise, so it was
difficult to hear the weak ZL stations. Moonrise was completely free looking
over the Dead Sea about 10km. away, but moonset was blocked by mountains up
to 13 degrees. 

Due to the fact that Jericho is located 250 mtr's BSL (below sea level)  the
lowest city in the world, we were not able to complete Tropo and M.S. QSO's,
very sorry for this...  but if you don't try you will never know if it is
possible or not, hi. We did receive a few very short reflections and
stations in LZ and YO heard some of us. 

When the moon was below the horizon we did some sightseeing and visited:
Hishams' palace with ancient buildings, Mount of Temptation with a nice old
monastery; the Dead sea for some swimming and the old town of  Jerusalem
with the Western Wall. 


We like to say many thanks to all who contact us and all who helped us with
making this trip a success. 

QSL info and some pictures can be found on  www.QRZ.com


Hope to CU in future from another nice DX-location, best 73's,  the  E44CM -

Jos, PA3FYC 

Chris, PA2CHR 





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