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I'm glad to hear you wife is OK and that your house survived the fire also that you did well on 23cm

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> On Nov 25, 2016, at 11:19, <gabercr at nc.rr.com> <gabercr at nc.rr.com> wrote:
> I worked 39 stations on 23cm during two nights of activity. Heavy winds kept me off one night of each weekend.  Forest fires closed out my VK/JA window early on Nov 19.
> Attached is a dropbox link showing the 9.2m dish with RazTrak controller in action along with how my Sunday morning was abruptly ended when a ranch house below us had an electrical fire that quickly spread up to our cabin at 4000 feet.  Strong winds resulted in the entire forest around us going up in flames in just minutes.  We had to drive thru the flames to get down the mountain.
> I was in the process of sending QRZ's to a still unknown VK5 station when all of this transpired.
> Had to take my wife to emergency room this morning for breathing issues.  She is back home in Raleigh and feeling much better now.  I am sticking it out another day to ensure all hot spots are out.  Forestry service has been up here monitoring our place since Sunday.  We really owe them greatly.  Firefighters came from all over the country to assist.  What a great group of folks!
> The first question was invariably "How are you guys doing?".  Second was "What in the world is that dish for?"
> Definitely an unforgettable EME contest!
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ibmbddgcr1s98uz/AACxAo1Fz2tYjcRV_6VE8QG0a?dl=0
> Gary, N8CQ
> 9.2m dish, septum feed, 175w
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