[Moon-Net] new to 3cm eme

gz pro1941 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 14:07:26 CET 2016

Hello everyone,
I have a 3 cm terrestrial dish with 3 watts that I go rover with and really
like it.  Now I want to build a 3 cm eme system and I am looking for parts
or build plans on making my own gear.  I am learning a lot about eme but I
would like any advice on the do's and dont's so as to build it right the
first time.
I was reading about which feed is most used on 3 cm eme, linear or
circularly polarized with a septum feed.  I can build my own linear feed as
I have done with my terrestrial dish but a cp feed with septum looks a bit
more difficult.
Does anyone have pictures and a detailed block diagram of the circularly
polarized feed with septum?  I would like to build one or buy one if
someone makes them.  I also am looking for a waveguide switch as it seems
its on the tx side.  Can you use sma or type N relays instead of a wave
guide switch?
My dish is a 2.4 meter with a shepherds crook prime focus and will either
be turned with a spid az/el rotor or a ea4tx rotor controller and screw
Thank you, Gregr/KA9VDU
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