[Moon-Net] [Moon] QRV on 6 and 3cm ( and 70cm too ).

Peter Blair g3ltf at btinternet.com
Fri Nov 25 09:55:16 CET 2016

Hi Bruce, I would love to try with you on 6cm, should be quite easy, but we 
have very strong NE winds here at the momemt, higher than forecast it seems, 
so I cant be certain of being able to operate.  I will anyway keep a look 
out on the HB9Q logger to see what band you are on.
Sorry I cant be more definite, if things change I'll let you know. Later 
next week weather looks a bit quieter.
73 Peter

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Subject: [Moon] QRV on 6 and 3cm ( and 70cm too ).

Hi all,

I can be QRV on 3cm and 6cm next Saturday, starting at 1000ut or later for 
the US, any mode welcome.

Despite 5GHz WiFi noise, I have just checked good echoes on 6cm.

Also still having 70cm on the mesh dish, if anyone interested in it.

Tnx & vy 73

Bruce  PY2BS

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