[Moon-Net] FT-736R how to adjust 23cm frequency?

Dirk Reyners dirk.reyners at telenet.be
Wed Nov 23 21:20:51 CET 2016

Hi Group,

This evening we tried to calibrate my FT736R on 23cm, the frequency is 
2,6KHz off. (if you watch the pictures we set 1296.300 and counter says 

Very annoying in E.M.E....

The 144MHz and 432MHz transmitters are +/- a few Hz bang on frequency.

I opened the optional 23cm module to find out which screw to turn but, 
nope... no result

these are photos from the module





anyone done this before?

I tried Q14, nope

TC01 caused a fast frequency drift of 300KHz downward so quickly put it back

Would be soooo nice to have my rig on frequency

Best 73! ON5GS Dirk

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