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                  US Digital E4T and S4T 
                  Now Available in 400 and 500 CPR 

                  We've got some big news about our smallest encoders. The E4T and S4T miniature optical encoders now come in higher resolutions of 400 and 500 CPR. Utilizing state of the art transmissive optical sensing technology, the newly announced resolutions represent up to a 38% increase in available CPR and now support applications requiring up to 2,000 pulses per revolution. This substantial increase in resolution was achieved without any compromise to package form factor, electrical characteristics or output signal robustness. The E4T line of encoders is available in both single-ended and differential signal outputs for applications where noise immunity is critical. Moreover, the 400 and 500 CPR options retain the E4T's simple and efficient, push-on hub disk assembly process, helping US Digital customers keep installation time, assembly cost and complexity to a minimum.

                  Sample and production quantities of the 400 and 500 CPR E4T are now available. To learn more about the E4T product line, or for complete technical specifications, including mechanical drawings, visit usdigital.com/E4T.

                  US Digital  With over a million off-the-shelf configurations, plus any number of custom product offerings, US Digital has delivered quality in motion since 1980. Located in Vancouver, Washington, the vertically integrated facility and the stellar service team provide customers with lead times significantly shorter than the competition, offering same-day fulfillment on most orders.

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