[Moon-Net] EME QSL Etiquette question

PA2V peter at pa2v.com
Wed Nov 23 11:08:09 CET 2016

To me every EME contact is very valuable.

It shows me that all I have made, the work I did and study done let me made the contacts.

My QSO partner did the same and made us doing that moonbounce contact. 

In my opinion it is all a ham can do at the edge. (some do even better)

So a QSL card is an award to me. And I like to get them very much.

When it is a DXpedition or new DXCC I most do them via the buro.
But when there is no buro or people want to have it faster I don’t mind sending them direct at my cost.

BUT…. I do not get them all in return. So for sure QSL policy did change quite a bit.
Even when I send one with dollars, euro’s or IRC together with a SAE. I still need some valuable DXCC’s to get confirmed.

Up until now I keep the screen dumps… But is nothing like a QSL card.

73, Peter PA2V


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