[Moon-Net] Prime-focus vs. Offset-dish

dominique.dehays dominique.dehays at enac.fr
Wed Nov 23 10:00:52 CET 2016

Hi Manfred ,

I am interested to know how much sun/cs U get on 10Ghz with your system. 
On my "tropo" system , consisting of a 100cm offset , all WG and a 
sligthly worse preamp than yours , I get up to 10dB sun noise.
I can't came close to this on the 120cm prime focus I use for small 
pistol EME. I agree with U that shadowing is nbot a problem , at least 
for reasonnably sized PF. It is a question on illumination efficiency 
and lower noise pickup.
I have no shadowing on the small eme system as I'm using a rear mounted 
tvter and a shepperd crook.

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