[Moon-Net] EME QSL Etiquette question

Bob Atkins ka1gt at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 22 23:26:58 CET 2016

Thanks for all the comments. I'm now better up to speed with the options and what's more appropriate for EME contacts (vs., say. HF DXpeditions).

Though not and EME question, I'm a little puzzled was to whether the ARRL won't accept electronic QSL cards for awards means they won't accept electronic files, or they won't accept a hard copy printed cards made from electronic files (JPEGs). If it's the latter I don't see the difference between me printing out a card and mailing it to the other stations or me emailing the file to the other station and them printing it out. Would the ARRL know the difference? Do they have a rule that says the card must be filled out using an actual pen? Do they have a rule that all cards must be signed in ink? If not then I don't see the difference. Again not an EME question so maybe not appropriate for discussion here.

On EME using digital modes, it seems to me that every station I work would have the ability to print a card. Sending a JPEG file seems to be a faster, cheaper and more secure method of card exchange than me printing out a card and mailing it to the other stations with some form of currency enclosed for return postage. Aren't we past the days of strapping written messaged to the legs of carrier pigeons?

For non EME and/or non digital contacts I guess there's the chance the other station has no computer, email or printer, but if you're running JT95 I'm guessing you can print a JPEG!



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