[Moon-Net] FUNCUBE and MAP65 experience

Ken Arck ken at arcomcontrollers.com
Tue Nov 22 19:32:10 CET 2016

I much prefer the use of Linrad and TrakBox as that will allow MAP65 
to set the FCD+ frequency as well as giving the advantage of Linrad's 
SUPERIOR noise blanker . TrakBox will also set the frequency of your 
TS2000 and control your rotor (it does several protocols). All you 
need do to set freqs is click on MAP65's Wide Graph to set freqs and 
TrakBox reads MAP65 to set AZ/EL. It really makes for a nicely 
integrated package


Setting up Linrad for use with the FCD+ and MAP65 is quite easy 
following this guide



At 09:33 AM 11/22/2016, Alberto di Bene wrote:
>On 11/22/2016 6:01 PM, serge wrote:
>>If you have the pro plus you will need the FCHID 2.00 file you can
>>downloaded it from the Funcube dongle website.
>Or you could use this program :
>which does not require any extra EXE file to set the frequency. And 
>selecting as output
>sound device the VAC, you can route its output to whatever other 
>program you want.
>Works only with the Funcube Dongle Pro Plus, not with the non-Plus version.
>Put the three files all in the same directory, out of the "Program 
>Files" path,
>e.g. c:\Ham\FCDplus
>73  Alberto  I2PHD
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