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John Regnault john.regnault at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 22 18:40:28 CET 2016

The base is for the 4CX1500A, which is different from the 4CX1000A and
4CX1500B (SK800,SK810) and I have a used one available..

I am also selling some more ordinary SK800B's and SK810B's which all come
from a local silent key estate which I am currently slowly leaking onto
FleaPay one by one.


If there is anybody in the UK that is interested in water cooled rings of 4
X 2C39's for 23cms I also have three for disposal and a number of tubes.



John G4SWX


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I'm sorry guys,

I should have changed the subject some when asking that question.

I'm talking about a 4CX1000K type of tube. No Pins. Kind of a slidy twisty



Check on the prices for the sockets for those babys!




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