[Moon-Net] FUNCUBE and MAP65 experience

Ken Arck ken at arcomcontrollers.com
Tue Nov 22 16:49:58 CET 2016

Hi Jan

My setup is very similar to yours except I use the Funcube Pro+ AND 
Linrad, which then drives MAP65 via a network connection. I have 
tried the Funcube directly feeding MAP65 and have found things don't 
work as well as when I use Linrad as well. One reason I think this 
Linrad makes the difference it does is that it has a much better 
noise blanker than does MAP65 (which I never enable). I also run 
WSJT10 and my experience has been that most of the time, both MAP65 
and WSJT10 will decode reliably but there are times one will decode 
while the other doesn't. Hence the reason for running both!


At 02:22 AM 11/22/2016, Jan Kappert wrote:
>Hello Lunatics,
>Last weekend I really enjoyed the population on 432Mhz, great.
>Unfortunately I was not able to participate, but for sure next time.
>Next to my TS2000X setup I use a FUNCUBE and MAP65 to survey the band.
>Altough many has good experience with MAP-65, I have my doubts in this case.
>The FUNCUBE is on a splitter behind the pre-amp, while the other 
>line is connected to the TS2KX.
>Even HB9Q who was decoded -16dB did not gave me a decode in MAP-65.
>Is there anyone who uses a similar set-up with a FUNCUBE to exchange 
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