[Moon-Net] EME QSL Etiquette question

David Anderson david at gm4jjj.co.uk
Tue Nov 22 13:36:29 CET 2016


A few points.

IRC are useless now, post offices don't issue new ones and are reluctant to
honour them, they see so few they don't know what they are. Often people
send ones that are out of date and they are really worthless. Green stamps
don't expire.

Some stations offer the ability to pay via PayPal via OQRS where you can
request a card direct without sending one. You have the choice of asking
for a free card but it will be sent via the Buro and won't be quick.

No point in sending email JPGs for QSL cards, not valid for any award, as
could be forged so easily.

You are right, due to the number of contacts now, it can be a real burden
in time and money to QSL for many DX stations. Postage rates are much
higher than they used to be.

So QSL only if you are asked to by the other station, or if you need a card
for an award or new DXCC State locator etc.

Always check QRZ.COM for QSL details of the DX station first, don't assume
they use the Buro, eQSL, LOTW or anything.

Consider joining LOTW, you don't need to be an ARRL member.

For regular non EME contacts I ask for return postage in US $ or Euro and a
SASE for direct cards. Or the card goes via the Buro, but it won't be
quick. I accept OQRS payment for direct card requests without a card being

For EME only I am happy to QSL direct without charge at present, I may
review this if I become very active. I don't send cards out unless
requested, or I especially need a QSL for some reason. I use LOTW and eQSL,
but actually wonder why I use eQSL as it isn't valid for awards, but LOTW

Once again, the most important thing is to find out how the other fellow
handles QSLing, and the place is QRZ.COM.


David Anderson GM4JJJ

On Tue, 22 Nov 2016 at 07:49, Bob Atkins <ka1gt at hotmail.com> wrote:

> It's been about 35 years since I was last active on 432 EME. At that time
> there weren't a huge number of stations on and it was all CW. QSOs could
> take 30 minutes or more to complete, Consequently sending and receiving QSL
> cards directly wasn't much of an issue since not many were involved.
> What's the EME QSL etiquette today? Do people generally QSL direct? It was
> always good practice to include a SASE with a card, including postage if
> the contact was with a US station, or IRCs if international. However I
> don't think you can buy IRCs from the US post office any more.
> I'm perfectly happy paying posting on any cards I send when I get a card
> from another station, but I guess that the cost of postage and number of
> contacts possible today might be a financial burden on some stations.
> Is anyone using an electronic (email) QSL card system, sending a printable
> JPEG file with all the contact details filled in and signed by the station
> operator? I print my own cards anyway, so another station would get the
> same card whether I print it or they print it, though mine would have hand
> written text and a live signature.
> I'd like to exchange cards with a few EME contacts made during the contest
> (and at other times). Just wondering what's the general practice (if such a
> ting exists) on EME these days.
> Bob
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